Camping season runs from April 29th - September 30, 2022. Walk-ins will be determined based on COVID protocols in place at that time. March 14, 2022: We have been given permission from the Ditidaht Chief and Council to Open the campsite 100% for the 2022 season! Please visit the Book Your Site page to select your date now! The Ditidaht Chief and Council have approved the campsite to allow Day Use in park with no advance booking required! Please click here for more details! Klecko Klecko!

Nitinaht Lake & Hiking the West Coast Trail: Answers to your top three questions of all time, and more!

Nitinaht Campground FAQ’s

Do I need to book a campsite in advance?
  • Yes – Until the decision to allow walk in patrons by the Ditidaht Chief and Council, all sites must be booked online in advance. We have changed the ability to book same day, which means if there is a site available same day, you will be able to book it online that same day.
  • Online Bookings are typically available in early January for the summer season, which is the last weekend in April to the end of September or early October – depending on how the weekends fall.
  • Cost of a Basic site is $35 per night, plus the online booking fee of $5. The fee is only charged per session not per site.
  • Minimum Age to Book is 18 years, anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE TO BOOK YOUR SITE: or email questions to [email protected]

What do I need to bring for camping at the Nitinaht Campground?
  • A tent or off grid small RV.
  • Camping supplies – cook stove, propane canisters, tarp(s), wet or dry suit, food
What is provided in the campground?
  • Each campsite is equipped with a picnic table and a fire ring or rocks to make a fire pit.
  • Communal Outhouse facilities stocked regularly with toilet paper
  • On site Camp Hosts to make inquiries, comments or complaints.
  • Pay per use Wifi Hotspots available – see map for Hotspot locations.
Can I bring my dog/pet to the campground?
  • Yes – if it is spayed/neutered and has all up to date shots, is on a leash and under full control of you, the owner. You may have dogs off leash in your site or in the forest, however still under the control of the you, the owner. All common areas where there other folks, including walking trails, roadways and beach area must have animals leashed. We trust you will keep your pet in a cool dry space with plenty of food and water. Excessive barking or noise making will be considered a disturbance and you may be asked to leave the campground if not attended to when asked by the Camp Host or other Campground staff. Please click this link to the Nitinaht Campground Animal/Pet Policy for more information.

West Coast Trail Nitinaht Village FAQ’s

Do I need to book my site in advance?
  • Yes – There are two ways to book your site:
    • One – use the online booking system to select a site of your choosing – online bookings opens for the summer season in early January
    • Two –No more than one week prior to your WCT booked date, contact the campground at 778-817-0162 before you visit and speak with one of our friendly staff to have one of the WCT specified campsites set aside for you. (Note: We are still in the off season until April 2022 and we require 2 days to return your call or email – Please leave a voicemail of your date, number in your party and expected arrival time into the Village by specifying in your own vehicle or by the Express Bus)
  • We must receive advanced contact via telephone or email at least 2 days before your hike begins or ends to ensure we have a spot for you. The fee is $35 a night with a $5 online booking fee. If you call/email us for the WCT sites, the booking fee is waived and payment can be made the day you arrive at the Campsite Office.
Can I bring my dog?

No. Dogs are NOT permitted on the West Coast Trail unless are registered service pets and arrangements have been made with Parks Canada.

How do I get to the trail from the Nitinaht 3rd entrance?
  • The entry point at Nitinaht Like is accessible by water taxi from the Nitinaht Lake Private dock located in the Community of Malachan IR #11
  • The Water Taxi has one daily departure in the morning with a strict departure time of 830am – please plan your travel and arrival time. If you cannot make the morning departure, please contact Nitinaht Wilderness Charters at 250-745-3509 and arrange for an alternative charter ride. There is also one Arrival time into Nitinaht Village from The WCT Nitinaht Narrows with a departure from the Narrows at 5pm (weather and safety permitting). Please go to the Orientation building to check off the trail before you leave the area.
Where are the comfort tents?

We are not opening the Comfort Camping tenting or Cabins at Tsuquadra. We have decided to permanently close them and utilize them for other uses. Please visit the Nitinaht Campground Website for updates on the Tents we are planning to have in the Nitinaht Village. At this time we do not have a price or availability, but will endeavor to have that available before the season begins in May 2022.

Who should be hiking the West Coast Trail?

Thousands of people hike the WCT every year, and they bring with them various ages, abilities, and hiking experience. Hikers enjoy 2-4 days from the centre of the trail when access from the head of Nitinaht Lake in the Village to the Nitinaht Narrows. However, as the WCT overnight permit allows for 14 days in the park, hikers may utilize the trail in a variety of ways.

What should I bring on my hike?
The West Coast Trail requires all the equipment you would expect to need during a backcountry wilderness experience. This is an advanced and rigorous hike, please see the Parks Canada website for full details on what to expect: